Nov 7, 2011

Ghoul - Transmission Zero

Newest splatterthrash album

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  1. I intend to vote no on these eduction taxes. Their salaries never should have skyrocketted in the 2000s.
    A temporary fix isn't sufficient. We need a long term fix.
    They claim accrediation is necessary. K-12 isn't rocket science. Just like the private sector:::You want the high pay take your advanced education degree to a university.
    There are enough graduates without direction we should offer them a chance to work off their student debt with a pre-determined number of years working as a teacher, for the new lower wage pay structure.

    "We intend to bankrupt it." And then what? Only white kids? In this enviornment??
    "(force another look at immigration.)" This isn't the 80s. That's all over.
    Unless we become 3rd world this is the system, and this is the only way the system will continue to be functional. But in the meantime stop all illegals sneaking into the United States from China through the Ports of Los Angeles and Oakland in those container ships.
    They sent that clue many years ago, and people didn't respond apporpriately. As a result it's been continuing incessantly since.
    Whites belong here because the god's intent for the United States originally was punishment for white people. Blacks and recent immigrants (80s) can attest to this as they we made to feel very unwelcome, in their heads by the gods and otherwise. Had they responded properly to the god's clue they may have returned home to their countries of origin.
    But, like the Jews in Isreal, they have been corrupted by money, and this association with the Evil Empire will ultimately lead them to Damnation with their "friends".